Friday, May 23, 2008

Freddy vs Vinnie vs Jason ... guess who Won?

I won!! Well, ok, I didn't win the battle but I got a photo of me together with two Horror icons. How cool is that? Now, if I can get a photo of me, Godzilla and Gamera, then my life is complete and I can die a happy man. Until then, I shall walk the earth, searching for it. Oh, btw, this was taken on Set of Freddy vs Jason, if you already haven't clued in, lol. I worked on this movie at WCT Productions, under the supervision of Bill and Maureen Terezakis.

Here is a Bunch of guys I worked with on Freddy vs Jason; Chris, Chris, myself, J.P. and Corey. Great group of guys to be in the trenches with while on set. When the photo was taken, we've been up for 2 days straight getting these dead body's made to be on set the next morning, so that's why we looks so bloody tired. Well, I guess i can laugh about it now, but back then, I was ready to jump off a bridge with a wire attached to a steel beam on one end and the other end wrapped around my neck, but we all made it. I think it made us stronger because of the experience, so that's a good thing, right? ...just say yes and move on. LOL

The Old gang with Director John Woo

Here's a picture of us with Internationally Acclaimed Action Director John Woo, whom I admired since watching the movie "The Killer" way back when. What a nice guy! This was taken at WCT Productions while we were working on the Lost In Space pilot, John Woo was Directing. I have yet to watch the pilot but I heard it was pretty good from some of the reviews I read on the net.

The Old gang at WCT Productions

Here's a group photo of the gang at WCT Productions. In the center of the photo is none other than Frodo himself, Elijah Wood! Nice guy!

My Cameo in the movie "The Martian Child"

Now, I know this has nothing remotely to do with CGI or compositing... but I just wanted to post this because I am cool... lol. Well, here's two pictures of me from the movie "The Martian Child", starring John Cusack. Now, why am i in the movie you ask? Well... I was asked by the Producer... or was it the Director, can't remember, to be in it to make the scene look more authentic... heh heh, I think they didn't want us just sitting around wasting their money, so they threw us in the flick for free, lol, but nonetheless, I am now forever immortalized in the film.

As you can see, picture one is a blurred picture of me in the background, so I thought I'd circle myself so you can tell where I am... and yes, I am looking at the camera, heh heh... yeah, I know, but I couldn't help it. The second picture you can see me more clearly. Oh, behind my gigantic head is none other than Oliver Platt, Sorry dude. What I'm doing in this scene is, I'm adding some lenses in an Alien mask that was made at WCT Productions under the supervision of Bill Terezakis. The Mask was sculpted by Bruce Houston. I helped out a bit. I made the lenses of the Aliens, I think there was 8 heads all together. I can't remember that far back. lol.