Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 1 was a sucess!!

Well, we survived week 1 of Bong of the Dead. Everyone pitched in and it was glorious!! The Director got all of his shots. There were some minor mishaps and things didn't go as planned but overall it was great. Mike Fields and his team did an awesome job with the Zombies and gore, BrantFX and team did an equally awesome job. Jodi and Mary fed us really well with some good ol' home cooked meals. The acting was total BOSS!! The dailies look fantastic, and I know the cast and crew will be proud to have worked on this production. Everyone went way beyond the call of duty to get the shots done and we at Bong of the Dead really appreciated that. Now, tomorrow we will start week 2. I hope everything will go nicely. Wish us luck!! ^_^