Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pics of Master Chief from Halo3

Greetings all, well, here are some pics of a project I did along with Keith Lau and Howard Lau of Pipeline Studios. This was a done in about 1 month, from start to finish. The shot on the left is the humble beginning of the project. We started with the main understructure, and in this case we didn't have a huge budget, in fact, we didn't have a budget at all, so we decided to go with PVC pipes, good ol' plummer's strapping, some screws and wooden dowels. We had to design it so that it would split around the torso area so it would be easier to transport to the location.

We started the project in the garage of Keith and Howard, then about a week later we moved into their studio since we needed some more space to work. The picture on the right is us pouring out the foam, in the rain,
in the end of Nov or was it the beginning of Dec. I can't remember. Oh well. Anyways, we needed a structure to pour the foam (biscuit foam) into so we constructed one using cardboard, hot glue, and duct tape, then we poured it in. Due to the cold weather, it didn't set up quite as fast, so it took quite a long time. But that's ok because it all worked out in the end. We ended up using quite a bit of foam since it didn't rise as much due to the coldness. So there's a lesson to be learned, make sure the temperature is at least room temperature orelse you will be spending a lot more money. With that said, since it didn't rise as much, the foam was much more denser than usual, with helped us later down the road when we were carving it
out so I guess it worked out for the best, lol. I jumped forward about a week later when we had the bulk of the sculpt done, so this picture is us piecing everything together. I started construction on the base, which was made out of Styrofoam sheets a wooden base with wheels, some wood and some hot glue. The guys kept on motoring with the character. He does look a little skinny, but we had a plan. we were gonna construct the armor using plastizode, a flexible foam material that's great for fabricating.
Here is a shot of the finished construction of the base and the character, minus the pain job. We did the base coat on the base but nothing on the Master Chief. We also coated him with fiberglass resin to make it strong and durable. It worked out pretty well as it became hard as rock and still very light. I was pretty happy how it all worked out.
Here is the finished shot delivered on time. Done and done. Oh by the way, we had to do some changes to the original gun so we cut it in half and extended out and added some little nicknacks to it. It was a fun project and it was great working with Keith and Howard. Hope to do some more work with them soon. By the way, Keith and Howard did the paint job and it looks absolutely stunning, these pictures don't do it justice.